Most successful treatment ever experienced! My activities, prior to PT, were limited to the basics of existence. I rarely slept at night due to pain. Bathing or showering was quite cumbersome. My social endeavors were all but non-existent. I couldn’t walk, sit, or stand for any period of time without experiencing considerable pain. All of this based on large quantities of the pain killer “oxycodone”. Without exaggerating, I had no social life what so ever. I gave up friends and family to live a life of self-involved loneliness due to the situation. I had tried everything available to me from chiropractic treatment to acupuncture. From homeopathic remedies to traditional hydro therapy. I had epidurals. I had cortisone injections. I took every pain medication known to man including patches. Through over fifteen years of this I had reached the end of my rope. Giving up became the viable opinion. My mind was still acting as my body was during my 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s. However my body was betraying me. All of this prior to my primary care physician Dr. Howard Cohen recommending Dr. Gilberts Physical Therapy. I was not very optimistic as I had been in the past, only to be disappointed on every occasion. But to show my desire to do anything for the opportunity of even a modicum of success. Much to my surprise & amazement Dr. Gilbert’s approach is unique and most important, successful. Through the duration of my treatments, my ability to do more things on my own was staggering. To date, it has been the most successful method of treatment I have ever experienced. And it is ongoing. There is no plateau. It is forever increasing.
R. Randall F.
Pain Free! When I first arrived, I was in a great deal of pain in my lower back and right leg. I had trouble driving a car, getting dressed, bathing, and even something as simple as walking. From the very beginning, Dr. Gilbert and the entire staff was extremely professional, very helpful, and very kind to me. I immediately began an exercise and stretching program while in session and at home. After a short while, my symptoms began to improve, and after several weeks of treatment, I was free of any pain in my lower back and leg. The treatment plan given to me by Dr. Gilbert worked just as he head told me it would. Maria kept me on track with my exercises while in session and thanks to her I never had to wait for prompts for the next exercise! I am now pain-free for the first time in several months and am able to enjoy the many things that I had struggled with. I am very thankful for the entire program that I experienced and would recommend Gilbert Physical Therapy to anyone.
Richard R.
Working in the Garden Again! When I first visited here I was unable to work in my garden and flower beds (which I love). I could only work for about 30 minutes before I had to rest my back. At night, I had pain in my lower back and hip. I am now pain free and I can work in my flowers and garden as long as I want. Thanks to the expertise of the staff here, to me it is a small miracle! Thanks again to all of you!
Suscan 0
Susan O.
I was in a lot of pain when I first came. I had pain sitting, standing and sleeping. Now, after more than a month of therapy, my pain is nearly gone, and my life is back to normal. I love this place because it is smaller than most PT places, and because of this you have personal interaction with many people at every visit. I will miss seeing everyone, but I’m also happy that my pain is nearly gone. Thanks to Dr. Jon, Mike, Pat and everyone else at Gilbert PT!
Test 2
Susan M
When I started therapy ten weeks ago I could barely bend or straighten my arm to do an elbow extension. Now I can do about ninety-five percent of everything. Dan, Amanda, and Kate are wonderful and they make you feel like you’ve been friends for years.t
Kathy W
Before coming to Gilbert PT I had severe sciatic pain down my left leg. After evaluation and coming up with a plan of exercises designed to correct the problem the pain started to decrease. Through a committed routine and staff support the pain totally went away in 7-8 weeks. I appreciate how Dr. Gilbert and his staff made me feel important to them and not just another sciatica patient.
Bob M.Senior Doctor

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